Document Conversion to PDF in Workflow


We are currently looking at a PDF converter solution for one of our business workflows. Our workflow has the following high-level steps:

Multi-stage document approval process

After final approval, document gets converted into PDF and saved in a different Site – complete with all its associated metadata

> This site may be in a different web application

Retrieve URL where PDF document has been saved in SharePoint.

Our question is, can your PDF converter for SharePoint accommodate this scenario? Would we be able to save a document from one site into another site complete with all metadata.

We would like to do this workflow in SharePoint Designer 2010

I appreciate your prompt reply.


Thank you very much for considering Aspose.

You may use Aspose.Total for SharePoint to convert various documents to PDF files. You may also try Aspose.Total for .NET to not only convert various documents to PDF programmatically, but also add many other file processing features in your SharePoint sites. In order to copy the PDF files from one site to another in SharePoint, you may use SharePoint Services.

Please see the following video tutorial to get more help in this regard: Using Aspose.Total for .NET with SharePoint for File Creation and Manipulation. Please note that this tutorial will also help you understand how you can use SharePoint Services to move files around.