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Document Restrictions and Security

I am evaluating this software for a project I am doing and I can’t seem to make it work. I need to make form fields in a document and allow saving of those fields, just like fillable pdf IRS documents do.

I have tried working with the Security() object, but it doesn’t seem to matter what flags are set, it doesn’t allow form field saving. Is this a restriction on an evaluation version?


Jeff Cuscutis

Hello Jeff,

Thanks for considering Aspose

Subjected to your query for adding form fields in a document, Adding form field to a Pdf document is possible using Aspose.Pdf.Kit. Like an HTML page, a PDF document may contain an interactive form (sometimes referred to as an AcroForm) made up of various form fields such as Text Boxes, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, Drop-Down Lists and Push Buttons etc., for gathering information from the user. So, such an interactive form in a PDF document is called PDF Form.

For more information, kindly visit How to Create and Decorate Form Fields With API?

Where as concerning to your question regarding Security object, it It is also possible to set privileges on a PDF document

PdfFileSecurity fileSecurity = new PdfFileSecurity("C:\\pdftest\\FormFields.pdf", "c:\\pdftest\\Secure.pdf");
fileSecurity.SetPrivilege(DocumentPrivilege.ForbidAll); // this will disable all the priviligaes over the document. you cannot print,copy contents, modify contents and many other options.

Please user DocumentPrivilege instead of PdfPrivilege. For more information on security setting, kidnly visit Set Privileges on PDF Document