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Document size doubled


I've saved a 756 Kb word document using Aspose.Word. The file size is now 1,346 Kb. Why?

This isn't an official answer but an educated guess from experience and using Aspose.Words. If the document has duplicate images, I believe Word stores the binary info for the image in one place and has references that point to the info in the .doc file. Aspose.Words, from my understanding, doesn't do this [yet?] instead if duplicate images are in the document the binary info is saved in the .doc file each time it is used.

You may want to attach the document(s) so that the Aspose.Words team can look at it and verify what is going on.

Aspose.Words team correct me if I'm wrong.


Yes, John is right. Also, even in MS Word if you open/save file created by another version of Word, you can experiece significant changes in size (enlargement) most of the time. So, if this change in size does not give you any other problems, you can safely ignore it.