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Documentation for XML -> pdf conversions

I can't seem to locate this on the site. I am creating a Rich Text Box HTML control that will end up in a PDF document. Specifically I will need to bold, underline, italic, bullets and numbered bullets. My output will be to an XML file so I need to know how to tag these things. Thanks.

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Aspose.Pdf is extensively based on XML. Aspose.Pdf utilizes XML and API to generate PDF documents from scratch. It is possible to build a template using XML and then add data at run time. And finally, convert it into PDF document.

Here are some documents for you:

  1. Create a Hello World PDF document through XML: How to use XML to generate PDF
  2. Online API: Class TextInfo - controlling the property of texts including underline
  3. Bullets: Use System Defined Bullets / Apply User Defined Bullets

I have used your product a lot and love it, thanks. But now I have a new project to incorporate Rich Text within it. What I am having trouble with is that I want to convert (for example) "I think you are great for having me over." which will be the output of the Rich Text box control.

So I want to substitute some string for the and another for the within the xml document to make the PDF come out bold for the word "great".

Hope you know what I mean.


I figured it out and finally found the documentation. Thanks.

- Milt