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Documetn.optimizationoptions class properties explanation


Can you please provide me detailed description for the Properties in document.optimizationoptions class.If possible please provide me an examples for the same.

Thanks in advance.

Vijayashree R

Hi Vijayashree,

Thanks for your inquiry. Please find below overview of the OptimizationOptions properties and documentation link for its use. Hopefully it will help you to accomplish the task. However if you need some further details in this regard then please feel free to ask.

AllowReusePageContent: If true page contents will be reused when document is optimized for equal pages.

CompressImages: If this flag is set to true images will be compressed in the document. compression level is specified with ImageQuality property.

ImageQuality: Specifies level of image compression when CompressIamges flag is used.

LinkDuplcateStreams: If this flag is set to true, Resource streams will be analyzed. If duplicate streams are found (i.e. if stream contents is equal), then the streams will be stored as one object. This allows to decrease document size in some cases (for example, when same document was concatenated multiple times).

MaxResoultion: Specifies maximum resolution of images. If image has higher resolution it will be scaled.

RemovePrivateInfo: Remove private information (page piece info).

RemoveUnusedObjects: If this flag is set to true, all document objects will be checked and unused objects (i.e. objects which does not have any reference) are removed from document.

RemoveUnusedStreams: If this flag set to true, every resource is checked on it's usage. If resource is never used, then resources is removed. This may decrease document size for example when pages were extracted from document.

ResizeImages: If this flag set to true and CompressImages is true images will be resized if image resolution is greater then specified MaxResolution parameter.

UnembedFonts: Make fonts not embedded if set to true.

Best Regards,