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DOCX is corrupted after re-saving it using .NET | MS Windows Server 2019 with IIS

The document is transferred to the system, the document structure is broken.
I attached the original file and corrupted file. We are using Aspose.Word.20.8 version. Thanks.
YG12622.zip (77.2 KB)


We have converted the shared document to DOCX format and have not found the shared issue.

Please create a standalone console application (source code without compilation errors) that helps us to reproduce your problem on our end and attach it here for testing. We will investigate the issue and provide you more information on it.

The application is attached so you can test the error


Thanks for sharing the detail. We are investigating this issue and will get back to you soon.


We have tested the scenario using the shared application and have not found any issue with output document. Please check the attached output documents. Docs.zip (153.9 KB)

Aspose.Word has been checked again with 20.8 DLL, but the error persists.
We get an error in the document re-created with Aspose.word.
No error occurs when viewing as PDF


In your code, you are re-saving the Word document. Please make sure that you are using the same code and document for this case. Could you please download the input document from this thread and use the same application to test this case?

If you still face problem, please share your working environment e.g. operating system .NET Framework etc. Please also share the complete steps that you are using to reproduce this issue at our end.

The application you shared is run on MS server 2019 with IIS. Server version information is attached


The output document is generated by Aspose.Words for .NET 20.6. Could you please ZIP and attach the problematic output document generated by Aspose.Words for .NET 20.8?

Document tested with Aspose word 20.9 DLL, error persists


Unfortunately, the shared output document (asposetoword.docx) is generated by Aspose.Words 20.6. Please remove all old DLLs from your application and install Aspose.Words for .NET through NuGet.

In your shared web application, the btnUpload_Click method re-saves the Word document and btnConvert_Click method convert Word document to PDF. As per our understanding, you are facing this issue while re-saving DOCX. Please confirm if you are doing the same.

Aspose Word 20.9 DLL was added to the project. Document is created with btnUpload_Click.


Please unzip the output document and check the document.xml. Aspose.Words inserts the following tag into output document. Please check the attached image for detail. 20.6.png (15.4 KB)

<!-- Generated by Aspose.Words for .NET 20.6 -->

Checked again, you can view the .dll information during build from the .csproj file.


Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce the shared issue at our end using the same web application. Moreover, please check the installed version of Aspose.Words in attached screenshot. Aspose.Words version.png (18.8 KB)

It would be great if you please share the problematic output DOCX generated by the Aspose.Words 20.9.

Could you please share if you are facing the same issue at specific system or on all systems? Thanks for your cooperation.

YG12622forNuget.zip (49.3 KB)

Please download this solution, it is very simple code,
I am only open this file in aspose.words and save “output.docx”

The ZIP file does not contain the problematic output DOCX. Please share the problematic output document.

We have tested the scenario using the same application and have not found any issue with output DOCX. Please check the attached output document generated by Aspose.Words for .NET 20.9.
20.9.zip (37.8 KB)

I’m sending output.output.zip (37.9 KB)


Thanks for sharing the output document.

We are unable to reproduce this issue at our end. So, please confirm if you used this application to reproduce the issue at Windows Server 2019. We will investigate this issue further and provide you more information on it. Thanks for your cooperation.

Yes we tried on Windows server 2019 , but problem is still continue. When we convert this document to pdf there is no problem. But when we save original file as original format, it was corrupt