Docx to HTML Header Issue

We are usign ASPOSE.NET for converting the docx to html.
while converting the document, the header defined comes only on one page.Also the page number is not getting displayed.
We tried using the page background (Page layout>Fille effect>Picture) to achive the same output but that also doesn’t worked.It doesn;t display the page background.
Can you please help on this asap?
For you help i am attaching the documents.
The objective of this is to display the logo, the light blue background, date and page number on each of the page. We are not able to achive these even after trying different ways.
Will appreciate if you can help us out.


Thanks for your request. In standard HTML there are no pages and page numbers. The whole document is one page.
Headers and footers are exported to HTML by default. But there are some restrictions on them. As you know headers and footers can be different for first and other pages of a section, for odd and even pages. That is impossible to output all headers and footers to HTML meaningfully.
Please see the following document to learn more about restrictions upon converting Word documents to HTML:
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