DOCX to ODT conversion issue

Hi There,

We use the Aspose.Words for .NET to convert a .docx file to a .odt file.
This usually works fine.
However, when we convert a document with an if-field in it, the text in this field gets deleted.

When we do the conversion manually with word, the text inside the if-field is retained normally.
We found that other online conversion tools also process the if-fields correctly.

Attached is an example of a docx file we are trying to convert.

I am wondering if something can be done about this, or if it perhaps is a bug. Thank you!

test Sander employment contract C0000001 2202171140 - kopie (2).docx (36.8 KB)

@Sander_de_Ruiter You could use the Document.UnlinkFields method to replace the fields in the document with their text representation and get the desired result when saving to ODT.

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This worked like a charm, thanks for the help @Konstantin.Kornilov!