DOCX to PPTX Conversion

Hi Team,

We have a business requirement to convert DOCX to PPTX. Since we cant achieve this directly. Iam following this approach docx–>html & html–>pptx. Below are the issues we are facing.

Issue1: images in docx are not converting to html

Issue2: Resultant html is generating empty pptx

Iam attaching the src

Please let me know if I miss anything


Hi Team,

I have resolved Issue 1 mentioned above, can you please help me in fixing Issue 2


Hi Kranthi,

Regarding issue 1, I was unable to reproduce this issue using your code at my end. Can you please try using HtmlSaveOptions and setting images folder name or exporting images as base64 e.g.

Document doc = new Document(relPath + "Upload_For_Testing.docx");

HtmlSaveOptions options = new HtmlSaveOptions();
options.setExportImagesAsBase64(true);"Upload_For_Testing.html", options);

Regarding issue 2, my colleague from Slides team will reply that soon.

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Hi Kranthi,

I have observed the generated presentation and also the source HTML file. There is no issue with Aspose.Slides. Actually, there is no color defined for for text, “Test kranth” in HTML. So, Aspose.Slides renders that with default white color.Since the background color of slide is white so the text get hidden owing to this. You either need to set the background color of slide to some color other than white or set the color of text in HTML to make that visible in slide.

For your kind reference, I have attached the modified HTML and generated presentation file as well. Please share, if I may help you further in this regard.

Many Thanks,