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Does ASPOSE.Cad have support for the .net standard or .net core?


Hi Guys,

I have just a question about the “.net core”/net standard.
Does ASPOSE.Cad have support for the net standard or net core ?

Thank you for your support.



I have observed your comments. I like to inform that we can only support for .NET standard. I also regret to inform that .NET core is not supported yet by Aspose.CAD. I have logged an issue with ID CADNET-653 in our issue tracking system as a new feature request. We will look into the possibility of implementation of the requested feature. This thread has been associated with this new feature request, so that you can be automatically notified as soon as this issue is resolved.


Hi Adnan,

thanks for answering,
I installed Aspose.CAD from nuget library7-23-2018 10-03-49 AM.png (107.3 KB)

but I got a warning message saying that “Aspose.CAD was restore using .NetFrameworkVersion=4.6.1” see the image attached.
So Where can I find the version Aspose.CAD for .net standard?

Best regards,
Luis Fernando Camacho



I have observed the snapshot shared by you. The warning message that you are seeing is probably due to fact that you have changed the target .NET Framework of your application after referencing Aspose.CAD for .NET 18.3 in your application. The default assembly that has been used for application is for .NET Framework 4.0 and you changed the target .NET Framework after wards. In this case you, can either manually change the assembly and use the .NET 2.0 supported assembly for Aspose.CAD for .NET or create a new .NET Framework 2.0 based application and then install Aspose.CAD using Nuget. Please observe this snapshot where I have create a .NET 2.0 based application first and then referred Aspose.CAD for .NET using Nuget and there is no issue at all. I hope the shared information will be helpful.


HI mudassir.

thanks for answering

I observed your image in your project and it’s net framework but I need support for the net standard or net core.
I tried to load the aspose.cad library from .net standard and run in .net core adding as reference .net standard project and also .net framework as library and run .net core adding as reference .net framework project
for the first configuration I get the following error:
netstandardAndnetCore.png (78.1 KB)

for the second configuration I get the following error:
dotnetFrameworkAnddotNetStandard.png (86.6 KB)

Could you show me an example where the project is net standard?
or How can I include the aspose.cad library to .net standard project ?

Thanks ,

Luis Camacho



I have created the sample project for your convenience and have shared over this link. At present the .NET Core support is not available in API as well.



Is there any timeline for Aspose.CAD having .NET Standard support?

Best regards!



I have observed your comments. I like to share that this new feature will be available tentatively in Aspose.CAD 18.10. We will share good news with you soon.



Are there any updates on this one?

Thank you!



I regret to share that at present Aspose.CAD for .NET does not support .NET Core. We will share the good news with you as soon as the support will be included in API.



Thank you for getting back on this one.
Are you still aiming for 18.10 release?

Thank you.



No, we will be publishing Aspose.CAD for 18.12 now by mid of December, 2018.



I see that 18.12 still does not support .NET Standard.

Is there any tentative in the upcoming releases?

Thank you.



I have verified from our issue tracking system and regret to share that concerned support is still unavailable. We request for your patience and will share the good news with you as soon as the support will be available.