Does Aspose Cells for Java supports Excel Table


I have an Excel file that contains a Table of data with 2 columns Months and Sales.

In Addition I have a bar chart that is defined on top of the above table.

I would like to update the Table using Aspose API and add some rows to it that will be reflected in the chart.

I found an API for Named Ranges which is similar to what I need, however working with Tables is much more convenient when defining charts.

I could not find an API to manipulate tables. Is there such an API?

If not what alternatives do I have?

Attached is an example excel file. In Sheet1 it contains a chart that is defined on a named ranges which I manage to manipulate. In Sheet2 it contains a chart that is defined on a Table that I can't manage to manipulate.




I think you may try inserting rows in the table if it works fine for your need. You may then add your desired data into the newly inserted cells. The related chart should be updated accordingly in the generated Excel file. See the topic on how to insert rows:

thank you.