Does Aspose.Editor support 64 bit environment


Our client recently updated to 64 Bit Environment (64 Bit Vista OS & 64 Bit Interner Explorer 7)

But unfortunately, Aspose.Editor is not working, in this environment, priviously on 32 Bit environment it was working perfect.

I will be very gratefull if you tell, wheather Aspose.Editor will work on 64 Environment or not, more specifically on 64 Bit Internet Explorer 7/8

Because AsposeEditor is working fine on 64 Bit OS[Vista] with 32 bit Interner Explorer 7 !

Please let me know what I should do to make it fully run on 64 bit environment ie( OS 64 Bit & IE 64 Bit) and backwand compatibility too( i.e 32 bit environment)

Please Suggest



Hi Siraj,

Thanks for your request. As you know, Aspose.Editor was discontinued and limited support is provided for it. No new issues will be fixed in Aspose.Editor.

Best regards.


Thanks for the reply.

I just need confirmation wheather Aspose.Editor will fully run on 64 bit environment.

Based on your reply I can comment to my client.

Is there is any known issue with Aspose.Editor with respect to sepcially IE 64 bit version, if yes please let me know so that I can convey the same to my client

If no issues from aspose.editor then it will help me to figure out problem at my end.

Hope you will understand, as our client is using Aspose.Editor in their production environment

I just need confirmation so that I can move in right direction.

"Will Aspose Editor work on Internet Explorer 64 Bit ?"

Waiting for the reply




Thanks for your request. We did not tested Aspose.Editor on 64bit IE, so we cannot guaranty that it will work in this browser.

Best regards.