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Does Aspose.Excel.Web have this capability?

Good morning,
I am looking for a product that can take an embedded spreadsheet available on a web page and read the variables pasted or individually entered into the spreadsheet by a user and then upload them to a database.

More specifically, I need for a user to enter an unlimited amount of numbers and I need to be able to read the numbers and enter them into a database (SQL Server). To protect from user errors, my team thought it might be a good idea to provide a Spreadsheet within a web page and users can just paste the information directly into it, (rather than uploading a spreadsheet from their own computer) and then click a button to upload the information to our database.

Does your product provide this capability?

Thank you for your time,

You can not paste spreadsheet type data directly into the Aspose.Excel.Web spreadsheet. However, in my project, I pop up a window that has a textarea on it, allow the user to paste their spreadsheet data into it, then parse it and write it to the web spreadsheet. Works fine.

Tim Trahan
Technical Lead
Operations Audit Team
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