Does Aspose.Excel work with ColdFusion


I recently purchased Aspose.Excel for a .Net server of ours. Now, I would like to use it for another server which has only ColdFusion installed in it (No .net framework). Can it work on this server? Also, would I be able to call Aspose.Excel from ColdFusion?




Thanks for your coming back!

I really hope you can use Aspose.Excel together with ColdFusion.

I have quickly checked ColdFusion and it doesn’t explictly state that it can call a .Net component, such as Aspose.Excel.

However when I search in its forums with keyword “.Net”, I’ve got tens of discussions.

Roughly I come to a conclusion: you can use Aspose.Excel in ColdFusion by consuming a web service.

Of course, at least you need install Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable Package, which is available for free.

Does it help? What do you think?