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Does Aspose Pdf Kit support adding images and tables?

I was wondering if Aspose Pdf Kit could open a PDF file, and replace
certain keywords with either an Image or Table (I understand this is
possible with text).

For example, if I have PDF document, I would like to search for the
text <%companyLogo%> and replace that text with an image. I
would also like to search for <%userList%> and replace that text
with a PDF table. Is this supported in Aspose Pdf Kit, and if so, how
would I accomplish this? Thanks for your time.

Really appreciate for this practical advice.

Our developers will try to find the feasibility and reply to you soon.

Dear Zeppelin,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

It’s a pity to say that we doesn’t support the function you mentioned and it can’t be available in a short time.

Best Regards.