Does Aspose run under Mono?



I’ve been looking for a unix server-based solution for manipulating MS Office docs, without much success. The Aspose components look ideal, except they’re targeted for MS platforms[8-)] . However, I wonder whether they would run under Mono. If they did, then that opens a whole new market to you (plus solves my problem).




Dear Paul,

You’re requesting the right thing at the right time!

Actually we’re considering the possibility to run Aspose components in Unix/Linux world as we have known that there is no decent solution to generate documents in file formats such as doc, xls, ppt, mpp, etc. over Unix/Linux.

Yeah we have looked at Mono at We would try our best to comply with it then you can run Aspose components over Unix/Linux.

But which component comes at first? Let me know currently the most demanded component then our product developers will try to supply a Mono-compatible hot fix or new release to you at our earliest convenience.

Thanks in advance.



Thanks for reply. I guess the order of importance for me is Word, Excel then PowerPoint - although in terms of doing something that isn’t done by the likes of the OSS POI project (Java), PPT would differentiate you most.

Of course, the thing that would open the Unix market wide open for you would be to do a Java port, since that is what is really needed. Quite an investment needed on your part - but, hey, look at the rewards - shiny Ferraris for all :slight_smile:



We are developers living in MS world and it seems big and interesting enough so we don’t really know how big the rest of the universe is.

Any cajoling and interesting facts about other platforms are welcome here. We do want those Ferraris after all.


Well, our Java guys switch between C# and Java quite happily, so it’s not the basic porting to Java that would be hard (assuming there isn’t too much dependence on special MS libraries), it’s more the resource overhead needed to maintain and support 2 code lines.

The POI library I mentioned is part of the Apache Jakarta projects, which is where alot of the OSS Java stuff is managed, with a lot of help from IBM. When we used the POI libraries a year ago, they were a bit too flaky and very limited.



Dear Paul,

Yeah we know POI library and its limitation. From that I know we have chance in Unix/Linux world.

We’re aslo considering to port our C# code to Java code.

You know, we can find good tools for Java2C# purpose such as:

Microsoft Java Language Conversion Assistant 3.0 Beta

But I didn’t find any decent tools for C#2Java purpose. Do you have some URLs that can be posted here?

I do not expect 100% workable conversion as hacking Microsoft office file formats should be greatly involved with Microsoft native code. However, a major percentage of resuability of the an automatical conversion from our C# code is greatly appreciated as at least that would save much time in typing, etc.



I haven’t come across anything decent for going from C# to Java - I posted a query to a number of developers, but they haven’t come back with anything either.



Dear Paul,

Thank you to keep me updated.

I did some homework for C#2Java but I just got a solution that ports C# to Java byte code: Visual MainWin for the J2EE platform. It’s good or not?

For Aspose, Visual MainWin for the J2EE platform means it is possible for Aspose .Net components to port to Java bytecode then it can run well in any J2EE platforms without any manual handling but we need run some tests to find out it works as it advertises.

Octopus .Net Translator seems have several code translators but they didn’t make C#2Java and waiting for customer requests.


Dear Paul,

Just a reminder note.

Aspose.Words, Aspose.Cells, Aspose.Slides, Aspose.Pdf, Aspose.Pdf.Kit have released Java versions. Please check to download them.


Please check Aspose.Words runs on Mono!