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Does Aspose.Slides for Xamarin works for iOS/macOS?


I have noticed that you have Aspose.Slides for Xamarin.
Documentation says that it works for Android, iOS and Windows.
It is even sample for Android.
I tried run it for iOS (the latest version Xamarin.iOS) and I have got an error during compilation:
Does it work for iOS or not ?
If there is a configuration to run it on iOS maybe there is also a chance to run it on macOS ?

image.png (520.0 KB)

As I can see in the screenshot, your project includes System.Drawing.Common library. But Aspose.Slides for Xamarin requires System.Drawing.Common or higher. Please update this assembly for your project.

It is the issue. This is normal Xamarin.iOS project with the latest libraries.
In those latest libraries you cannot have higher version of System.Drawing.Common than
I guess, that it is related with fact that Xamarin.iOS reflects to mono version with exactly this version of System.Drawing.Common.
If you know the way to update it to proper version, please share it.

Thank you for the additional information. I logged the issue in our tracking system with ID SLIDESNET-42619. Our development team will check the necessary configuration. I will inform you of any news.

Our development team investigated the issue. Unfortunately, Aspose.Slides for Xamarin can be used to build and use your C# application using Slides for Android only.
Documents: Aspose.Slides for Xamarin.

Shortly: cross-platform version of Aspose.Slides for Xamarin, works only with Android :wink:

Thank you for the comment. I passed this information to our development team.