Does Aspose support multi-threaded calculation like Excel?

In Excel, we do have an option for running calculations in multiple threads, where we can use a maximum of 8 threads to run calculations.

So do we have an API that can perform a similar kind of multi-threaded calculation execution?


We are not sure about your requirements. Could you elaborate it more and give more details and sample files. Also, give steps details on how to perform the task in MS Excel manually. We can look into it soon.

image.png (22.4 KB)

Here our requirement is to make calculation execution faster with Multi-threaded calculation functionality. Like in Excel we have a check-box to enable multi-threaded calculation execution.


Thanks for the screenshot.

I guess these are MS Excel application level settings which will work in MS Excel. There may not be any source XML data for the Excel file formats (e.g., XLSX, etc.). Anyways, we will look into the details of it and get back to you.

For the setting of enabling multi-threads calculation for ms excel, it is the setting of software ms excel itself and we cannot manipulate it.

For calculating formulas in multiple threads with our component, we are afraid it is not supported yet. Currently with Aspose.Cells one workbook can only be calculated in a single thread. This feature is in our to-do list, but because it is complicated so we are afraid we cannot support it in near future.