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Does Aspose.Tasks for C++ support Mac platform?

Dear Andrey,
Thank you very much for you reply. I sent a request to one of your colleques and I was directed to this thread, but in reality I was interested in your product Tasks for C++ (https://products.aspose.com/tasks/cpp/) to build and compile on the Mac platform. I use clang complier in combination with Qt/C++ SDK. In the trail version I have downloaded I see libraries for windows and linux but not for mac. Does that mean it’s not supported?
Kr Thomas

Hi, Thomas.
Aspose Tasks for С++ does not yet support MacOs, but we are planning to support Mac in general. According to preliminary estimates, the “optimistic” date for the first Mac release is March 2022.

@thomaskknudsen Hi. Could you please specify what features of Aspose.Tasks for C++ on Mac you are the most interested in? We need this information to prioritize our development properly.

Dmitry Panchenko
Aspose.Tasks team.

Hi Dmitry,
There’s a long list of feature that I would like but as I don’t know your .NET implementation I really can’t say which are new and which are already supported.
For deployment it’s important to have little footprint on Mac so native c++ sources that can be compiled and not some variation of .NET framework or virtual machine. This is very important.
If your library connects to a server or making checks on the host system, you should make clear what’s going on, since we need to know exactly how the library works in the apple app approval process. The library cannot make actions we are unaware about. It just leads to a lot of headache for us and Apple will end up dismissing the app.
Activities, predecessors, resources, calendars and assignments are the most important information we will retrieve from the file. We will support our own gantt chart and UI so that is not important. Print and PDF support is not a first priority either.
Is this helping?
Kr Thomas

Yes, thank you. We will update you once we achieve any success on Mac.