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Does Aspose Use/Access/Reverence GDI+ in Its .NET Imaging?


We are considering purchasing Aspose for use in .NET (Framework and Core). We will run it on a server for massive conversions.

Does Aspose acces/use/refence GDI+ ? I am asking, because any software which accesses GDI+ cannot be safely multi-threaded and eventually fails due to a lack of GDI Handles.



For now Aspose.Imaging uses System.Drawing (ie primitives graphics rendering) for Graphics operations ie DrawLine, DrawArc etc , But all format reading/saving are done using Aspose.Imaging own native way. We do have plans to switch to our own Aspose.Drawing graphics this year, which does not use System.Drawing at all.

May I ask the timeline for switching to Aspose.Drawing in Aspose.Imaging?

Although we are actively working on integrating and evaluating Aspose.Drawing as an alternative graphics engine for Aspose.Imaging, we failed to eliminate all regressions within the current year.
Now we’re completing work on the evaluation of Aspose.Drawing v21.11 and update you about the integration plan for the next year as soon as it will be completed. You may review evaluation progress as per the attached task IMAGINGNET-4965.

@bpm-1, we have released aspose.imaging 22.6 beta2 which supports alternative graphics engine -Aspose.Drawing (for versions netstandard 2.0+). You may find this package here - https://www.nuget.org/packages/Aspose.Imaging/22.6.0-beta2 . Also, if you plan to work with this on Linux may be useful reference - https://docs.aspose.com/imaging/net/installation/#working-with-net-core-dlls-in-non-windows-environment-using-asposeimaging-version-with-alternative-graphics-engine---asposedrawing-instead-of-systemdrawngcommongdi-for-net-standard-20