Does Aspose.Words (.NET) support "final showing markup'?

In Microsoft Word, there is a view that is called “final showing markup” that shows (in red) all of the edit/ revisions that users have done to the document.
In our scenario, we are inserting and appending (review and non-reviewed) word documents together using the Aspose.Words (.NET) API then saving the result as a final word document. Also, we are then using the Aspose.PDF (.NET) API to convert that “merged” word document to a PDF file.
There is a scenario we would like to implement where the “final showing markup” view is the default view that the final document will have set so that when the user opens that document in Word, it is already in that view. Can the Aspose.Words (.NET) API do this? If so, how?
Also, in our scenario we are also converting the final word document to a pdf using your Aspose.PDF (.NET) API. This works great. However, is it possible to convert a word document that has the “final showing markup” view enabled to a pdf (so the pdf has these markups as well) using your Aspose.PDF (.NET) API? If so, how?

Thanks for your request.

  1. If I understood you correctly you meant print preview view options. Unfortunately you can’t set print preview options using Aspose.Words. You can set how the document will be displayed upon opening in MS Word:
  2. No, there is no way to have a PDF that has the “final showing markup” view enabled.
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