Does the aspose.PowerPoint support insert the flash into the powerpoint?

 In the normal,we can insert the flash as ole into the powerpoint and can set the properties of the embedded flash .

My question is :

Does the the aspose.PowerPoint support insert the flash into the powerpoint? It is a very valuable requirement after we hava generted the flash in our program.

Any help? Thanks.

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Cosmo Liu


We are working with inserting ole objects just now.
The main idea was add Excel charts to a slide but I think
it will be possible to insert any ole objects.


Do you have an estimated date that Excel/OLE object support will be completed?


The deadline is July, 20th but I think first results for testing will be available in next 2 weeks.


Does the function will be available in the Java version?

And i want to know what`s the requirement for OS to use the Aspose.PowerPoint For Java ,Solaris,HP Unix or any platform with jre ?


Good question.

Alexey, would you please add a SystemRequirements wiki topic to clearly indicate the system requirements respectively for Aspose.PowerPoint for .Net and Aspose.PowerPoint for Java?


Sure, this feature will be available in Java version but after releasing
"Aspose.Excel for Java" with charts. Closer to the end of this year.

We don’t have any platform dependant code so no any special OS requirements.
Just any platform with 1.4-1.5 jre, jai and jai-io.

Thanks Ben, I will add it to the wiki.