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Does the Aspose.Total support Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 for C++ and Microsoft Visual C++ V6.0?

Hi, Support:
I plan to build windows desktop application under Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 for C++ or Microsoft Visual C++ V6.0. Does your Aspose.Total.dlls support those two IDE?
Else, Does it support the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017/2019 for C++ IDE?
Thank for your suggestion.


We recommend using Visual Studio 2017 or higher version with Aspose products for C++. You may face issues in Visual Studio 2008 due to outdated C++ plugins and compilers. Please refer to the following articles.

Thanks for your suggestion.
However, there are so many our target users using Windows XP. How about this issue based on your APIs?


Could you please share the Aspose product that you are using? We will then answer your query accordingly.

We are using Aspose.Total for Net V21.3, v21.4.
Windows XP only supports at most Net 4.0, but some new version of api work under net4.6 or high?
If the application will be developing by C++ without Net framework, can the apis support work under Windows XP under Net4.0?


Aspose.Email, Aspose.PDF, and Aspose.Words for C++ do not support Windows XP and Visual Studio 2008. Please check the system requirement articles shared in this thread.

There are 11 Aspose products for C++. Could you please share which Aspose products you are using? Thanks for your cooperation.

We are planning to use Word,ppt,pdf,cell,zip,image,psd,cad,email,html,media and so on.


Only Aspose.Cells, Aspose.Slides, Aspose.Font, and Aspose.Page support Windows XP. Please read the system requirements from here: