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Does the Imaging.dll or PSD.dll support drawing rotated text with opacity at (x,y)

Hi, Support:

Is there any method how to drawing rotated text with opacity at (x,y) on a picturebox or BackPicfile?
If so ,how to do?
If no, Hope this feature for later update.

And else, is there any method to reach fast GaoshiBlur?


Hello, @ducaisoft,
Talking about the opacity you mean the area under the text has configured opacity while the text may be rotated? Or you you also mean semi transparent text?

Only the drawn text is rotated and opacity.

Hello, @ducaisoft,
You could try the approach described in this topic: https://docs.aspose.com/imaging/net/adding-a-watermark-to-an-image/#adding-a-diagonal-watermark. Let us know, if it fulfils your requirement!

Yes. It reaches my requirement. But, the demo code has some error. That is to say:
the right method should be:

  1. move the axis center to (x,y)
    2.rotate the matrix for Angle
    3.drawing the string at (0,0)
    4.move back the axis center to (0,0)

@ducaisoft, we are glad the solution is up to your request! Let me check your notice to give you feedback.

@ducaisoft, if I understand you correctly, to make the text start at the specified X,Y coors you can skip setting StringFormat.Alignment to StringAlignment.Center value (or set it to StringAlignment.Near), so X,Y are left corner instead of the centre of the text drawing area.