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Dollar Formatting in Hidden Columns

I ran across a strange problem on Friday. I have a workbook that has a sheet with 5 hidden columns. These columns are all formatted as standard currency with 0 decimal positions.

When aspose reads the data it reads the value correctly, but the StringValue is wrong.

ex. Value 204.45 Excel Display: $204 StringValue from Aspose: -409204

When I inspected the Cell information, it has a custom format as follows:


Where is this custom format coming from? It displays correctly in Excel. Is Aspose not reading it correctly, or is it not interpretting the formatting correctly?

I have temporarily found a way around this problem, I clear the custom format before reading the value, but this shouldn’t be the case.

Any ideas?


Could you please post your file here? I checked but didn’t find this problem. Thanks.

The underyling custom format for the cell is [$$-409]#,##0, which Excel displays properly. Aspose doesn’t seem to interpret the formating properly.