DOM for Word docx format

We are trying to see if we can edit a word template document and create a word document by filling in information into the template at the right places. I am trying to get a hang of your API.
I am trying to see what is a DOM that i need to know?
Is it that Document contains Section Contains Paragraph?
I will have a word document to start with that will have place holders where i need to replace the text with something else. Is this something can be achieved with your APIs?



Thanks for your inquiry. Please read about Aspose.Words’ DOM from here:
Aspose.Words Document Object Model

We suggest you please check the Document-Explorer example from Github repository.

Regarding your query about replacing place holders, you can use find and replace feature to get the desired output.

Moreover, we suggest you please read about LINQ Reporting feature from following articles. Hope this helps you.
Introduction to LINQ Reporting Engine
Template Syntax