Dowload Permissions & Using API on Android Phone?

Hi there.
I have two questions:
1. After i read README.txt, I found guide to the link for Click to download the Aspose Examples Dashboard for Java but, Browser show “Access Denied: You do not have permissions to perform the requested action.” even i logged in with my email users. How can i get it ?
2. My project is Android Barcode application, mean i will use a smartphone to scan barcode of product. May i ask Aspose Barcode API can directly read the barcode from the camera ?
(Not from images stored in internal/external memory phone)

Hi Kazuhiro,

Thank you for your inquiry.

We will identify the README.txt file content issue and update it accordingly. You may please access the following links:

For Aspose.BarCode For Java Examples:

For Aspose.BarCode For Java Online Documentation:

Regarding your question# 2, this is to update you that the feature you are looking for is not available. Aspose.BarCode APIs perform recognition process images stored on hard disk or memory.

Hi There.
Thanks so much for your prompt support.
I got the source code example on Java.
There is a problem that i failed in using Aspose.Barcode APIs on Android Studio although have been researching in using Aspose.Barcode APIs on. I also read the javadoc but there are nothing related mentions.
So it can be used in Android ? if can , could you share me the related document ?
Looking forward to you.

Hi Kazuhiro,

Thank you for writing us back.

This is to update you that Aspose.BarCode APIs cannot be used in Android Studio. This feature is not available. A request with ID BARCODEJAVA-64 has already been logged into our system. We have bind this post with the ID. You will be automatically notified in this thread once any update is available.

Furthermore you can try Aspose.BarCode Cloud APIs. It is a complete solution for barcode generation and recognition in Android. Please visit the following links for details: