Download window shows twice


When I use the option “Open in Word”, the File Download prompt appears twice.

The first time, I click the “Open” button, and the download starts, but then almost immediately I get a second File Download prompt. When I click the “Open” button, then the document actually opens in Word.

This happens with the VB Web Forms sample code, as well as code that I wrote that programmatically opens in word:

doc.Save(strFileName, SaveFormat.FormatDocument, SaveType.OpenInWord, Me.Response)

Any ideas?



We think one prompt is caused by Internet Explorer and another by MS Word.
This is a known issue and can be seen even in the online demo.
At the moment we don’t know for sure how to remove the second prompt.
1. First prompt has “always show” checkbox disabled, but second prompt has it enabled so you check it off so the second messages does not appear any longer.
2. Try saving to browser SaveType.OpenInBrowser and it will not show the second prompt.


Thanks! I’ll give that a try.