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DPI resolution + a mess in reading the image

hi , can any one tell me wich scanner provides BMP pictures with 300 DPI resolutin or how do we

get it because I have a problem in reading the image because of the resolution may be…

the second trouble that aspose Confuses the worlds , it did not read the content of the image

Sequentially , I will put an example the image (bmp) the code source the result

is the problem because of the table !! because the data are in a table !!

the in put pic !!

Hi khecha,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Please note that scanners have application interface and through that interface you can set the scanning preferences. You can set that scanned image should be of 300 DPI or 600 DPI and so on up to the extent that is supported by the hardware. Furthermore you can specify/select the type of output image.

We have evaluated the image sample provided by you. Following is the code snippet for your reference. It is working fine. Generated output is also given below.

String imagePath = "G:\\Input\\z.png";
//Initialize an instance of OcrEngine
OcrEngine ocrEngine = new OcrEngine();
//Set the Image property by loading the image from file path location
//Process the image
if (ocrEngine.process())
//Display the recognized text

25 2 ENPP 1 E POC M1 GL .10/4030044.20

Hope the above information helps. Feel free to contact us in case you have further query or comments.

thank you ikram.haq may allah reward you :slight_smile: , now I have a nother problem that when I

want to read a part from the image (part with red line) I get heap size erreur !!

and after fixing it I get this erreur in the result , and I think that I had correctelly specefied the cordination of the block !! :’(

so please what is the problem

Hi khecha,

Please note that we have evaluated the attached image at our end. While testing it was found that the image has very low DPI value i.e. 96. Please note that the current implementation of the Aspose.OCR API works well with images having resolution of at least 300 DPI and the accuracy rate tends to decrease by decreasing the resolution. Your provided image has resolution of 96 DPI therefore it will not be possible to get 100% accuracy.