Drop Down Interference


Hi Laurence,

This post is going to look very familiar to you........

A few months back you may recall we were generating workbooks on the fly from templates. Comments and drop downs were generated and on the same worksheet and the issue was with when a user clicked the cell with the drop down the arrow from the comment would also appear interfering with the use of the drop down list.

Well after you and I going back and forth for a week or so we finally settled on using Aspose.Cells ver because it offered us the least amount of interference (It is our current production version). I know the versions have progressed since that time and hopefully the issue has been fixed sufficiently. Here is what we are seeing now.

It still has to do with drop down lists. I have attached four four files. Two are templates that we use to generate the sheet. One is a full template named Template_NBA_Increase_2 and one is a blank template with just an image in the upper right hand corner, it is Template_Increase3. (It has the same image that is in the full template.) I have also attached two resulting worksheets that were generated from the templates. The are both named appropriatly. What we are seeing is that when the sheet is generated and a user tries to click the drop down, the image appears on top of the drop down. Take a look at either generated sheet, in the yellow cells of columns J,P or W. when you try and drop down the cells, the logo appears. I thought it had something to do with some other object saved natively by excel when the tempalte was built, but it happens with a blank template as you can see from the the example generated from a blank template.

When the logo is removed from the upper corner the issue disappeares.

I am hoping that newer versions of Aspose.Cells have resolved these issues.




Hi Scott,

Please try this attached fix to see if it solves your problem.