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Dropdown issue in mac os

In one of our functionality we have provided export to excel features using aspose.cell. we can successfully completed the implementation but we are facing issue when we open the exported excel file into MAC OS.

Issue is related to drop down controls when we click on the drop down, The control is opening up and closing automatically like flashing on the screen. Its should be remain open until user click on other area within the excel.

Please find the attached video for more clarification.
ExportToExcelIssue.zip (42.2 KB)


Please share your Excel files generated by you on Mac OS. Please also download and try the most recent version and check if it makes any difference and resolves your issue. Let us know your feedback.

Please find excel file generated on Mac OS.DropDownIssue.zip (1.5 MB)


Thanks for using Aspose APIs.

Please unhide the worksheet i.e. Sheet1


and then check if it works fine at your end.

Please also share the code with which you are creating the combo boxes. It will help us look into this issue further.

Below is code that we have implemented in C# for creating the combo box.

                       ComboBox cb = worksheet.Shapes.AddComboBox(7, 0, 1, 1, 18, 180);
                        cb.InputRange = "Sheet1!A1:A2";                            
                        cb.Shadow = true;


Thanks for the sample code and using Aspose APIs.

We will look into this issue and update you asap.


Please try the following code and let us know if its output is valid or not at your end. I have also attached its output Excel file as well as screenshot for a reference.

Please make sure you are using the most recent version. The version number will also show up in the name of output Excel file. i.e. output-17.10.3.xlsx.

Download Link:
Output Excel File.zip (6.9 KB)


//Create workbook
Workbook wb = new Workbook();

//Access first worksheet
Worksheet sh1 = wb.Worksheets[0];

//Add some data

//Create second worksheet
Worksheet sh2 = wb.Worksheets.Add("Sheet2");

//Create combo box in second sheet
ComboBox cb = sh2.Shapes.AddComboBox(7, 0, 1, 1, 18, 180);
cb.InputRange = "Sheet1!A1:A2";
cb.Shadow = true;

//Save the workbook
wb.Save("output-" + CellsHelper.GetVersion() + ".xlsx");