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Dropdown List showing the Value rather than the Name Field after selection


I have the following issue. I have the following code sample :

cell = cells[“A1”];

cell.Validation.LoadValueList(_clients.DefaultView, “ID”, “NAME”, false);

What I get is prefectly the dropdown list in the first column. HOwever after I select the value from the list, it shows the ID field rather than the NAME field on the grid.

Please help me !!!


Yes, by default, when you select an option (textfiled) in the drop down list area and navigate to other cells, the valuefield's value will be shown in the cell. If you still want to display the Name filed in your scenario after the selection / navigation, you may try like:

cell.Validation.LoadValueList(_clients.DefaultView, "NAME", "NAME", false);

Thank you.

Hi Amjad,

The problem is I also need the value when I post back to the code for processing. Basically I would need the functionality of a real dropdown that has selected value / name ; but the name is the default display after selection.

Thank you

				Hi Amjad or Henry,<br><br>Possible to let me know if the issue I have is solvable ??<br><br>thank you,<br>


We will fix this issue within 2 weeks.

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Hi Henry,

Has this been implemented ?



We have not complete this feature yet. And we will finish it ASAP.

Thank you for being patient.

Hi Henry,

Any ETA on this??