Dummy.NET Part II (Two tables into one merge)


I guess should have said waht the REAL problem was…

We have WAY more than 255 mergefields, and 255 is the limit of fields for an Access DB, so the fix was to create a new table with the mergefield name as column one, and the data as column two, then populate it from all the merge tables.

So, the idea was to use that temporary tab;e to ececute a merge in Aspose, but I guess it’s all moot if there is a way to add data from one dataset into another prior to doing the merge.

Again, I apologize for the ignorance, and appreciate any help given.



I understand why you use two-column data table okay, but I don’t fully understand the rest of the picture.

If you have only one record to merge, see the example I provided in your other post - it shold do just that.

As you rightly point it, in .NET you can build data tables and data sets programmatically and massage or tansform data in this way if you want to before sending to Aspose.Word mail merge.