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Duplicate Confirmation


When I use your sample at and select Open in Word, press the button, and select Open, then a second dialog exactly like the first one comes up, forcing me to click Open twice. I’m using IE6. Is this something unavoidable, or is this some setting I can change? (I’ve also noticed that unchecking the Always Ask Before Opening this Type of File checkbox does not “stick”.)

I’m using a page having similar code to yours, where a button within a page itself triggers the Word output. Earlier, I worked on a project where a separate aspx page was called to use Aspose, in which case the double confirmation situation is not happening. I wonder why?

Thank you.


We have not managed to figure this out for sure yet, but we think it is related to Internet Explorer security settings.

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Found a related MS KBase article;en-us;296717. Maybe can be used to come up with some solution.

Thanks - it’s good to know.