DWG to PDF Missing Logo

The “Automation Direct” logo is missing from the title block when converting DWG to PDF. Same issue with converting to PNG and other image formats. Link to DWG:


Here is my current code:

    public static bool ExportToPDF(string filepath)
        // The path to the documents directory.
        string outputFilePath = Path.ChangeExtension(filepath, ".pdf");
        using (var image = (CadImage)Image.Load(filepath))
            // Create an instance of CadRasterizationOptions and set its various properties
            var rasterizationOptions = new CadRasterizationOptions();
            rasterizationOptions.BackgroundColor = Aspose.CAD.Color.White;
            rasterizationOptions.NoScaling = true;
            rasterizationOptions.AutomaticLayoutsScaling = false;
            rasterizationOptions.DrawType = Aspose.CAD.FileFormats.Cad.CadDrawTypeMode.UseObjectColor;

            // Create an instance of PdfOptions
            var pdfOptions = new PdfOptions();

            // Set the VectorRasterizationOptions property
            pdfOptions.VectorRasterizationOptions = rasterizationOptions;

            //Export the DXF to PDF
            image.Save(outputFilePath, pdfOptions);
        Console.WriteLine("The DWG drawing exported successfully to PDF.");
        return true;

I have created CADNET-8820 to investigate this issue.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as CADNET-8820) have been fixed in this Aspose.CAD for .NET 22.12 update. This message was posted using Bugs notification tool by Oleksii.Gorokhovatskyi