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Dynamic formula to calculate the total of a column


I am trying to calculate the total of a column using the following dynamic formula: &==SUM(A2:A{-1})

It gives me a runtime error complaining about the incorrect formula. All I am trying to achieve is have a range of A2:A(r-1) summed up.

Please help. Thanks.

Which version are you using? This feature is only available in recent versions. Please download and try v2.8.5 at

Hi Laurence,

thank you for your reply. The version I am using is Excel.Express, the latest one. Are there any plans to include this functionality in the Express version? Thank you.

The latest version of Aspose.Excel.Express is v1.2.1. It has already included this feature. Please download it at

You guys rock - problem solved. Thanks very much. I am impressed.