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EAN13 Caption Problem with checksum digit

I'm trying to display an EAN13 barcode using the Windows Aspose.Barcode.Windows.Forms.BarCodeControl on a Windows-form, which works perfectly except for the code text displayed above or below the bars. The problem is, that the last digit (checksum digit) in the EAN13-Code is always being calculated by the BarcodeControl and thus must not be supplied via its CodeText property; however, the checksum digit is never displayed in the code text below the bars.
E.g., the code 4016138031362 is a valid EAN13 code. When I set the CodeText property to this value, only an error message is shown, so I omit the last digit and enter only 401613803136 as CodeText. The Controls now renders the correct barcode, including the checksum digit (2), but displays only "401613803136" as caption below or above the control. Is there a way to include the checksum digit in the text? I assumedsetting the the CheckSumVisible property to true would do exactly what I need, but it shows no effect.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Technically, the last digit was drawn, but if the image is too small, it may not be shown (out of frame). The width of a barcode image relies on the "xdimension" property. The bigger the "xdimension" is, the bigger the image is.

So, try setting the "xdimension" to be 0.4-0.5, or reduce the font size.

Thanks for considering Aspose.Barcode, please feel free to ping me with any question.

Thanks for the fast reply! I had changed the CaptionAbove and CaptionBelow properties without effect, but changing the Font property of the control finally worked perfectly...