Edit documents online

Can suggest if there is a way to open the documents saved in db to launch in edit mode online and allow user to update and save back to the db.
We are using Jave and our application is hosted in linux servers.



Which file formats or documents are you working with? Please note that mostly, Aspose (Java) APIs are class libraries designed for working with different file formats programmatically. These APIs provide programmatic access via a rich set of APIs to create, modify, extract, copy, and render documents. However, the APIs do not provide any graphical user interface or UI editor controls for editing or viewing documents.

Hi Amjad,

Thanks for the prompt response.

I think then you can close this topic as we need a way to edit these document templates online.


@priyanka9 ,

Ok. If you have any further queries related to Aspose APIs, please feel free to write back to us.