Edit Merge Template before Execute

I am just starting my trial of Aspose.Words. The reason for trialling this software is that the users of the appplication I have developed are not happy with the existing html template editor and mail-merge facility embedded in our application.
One of the existing functions allows users to select a template to be used as the document for the mail-merge and open it for edit before executing the merge. This editted version of the html is saved in the database before the merge is performed.

Do you have any examples of this sort of thing ? Our app is an asp.net application


Hi Terry,

Thank you for considering Aspose.Words. I would like just to clarify a bit, Aspose.Words is a class library, which allows working with MS Word documents. Aspose.Words does not provide any user interface for viewing or editing documents.
Best regards.

I understand, but the samples that come with the installation show how to execute a mail merge (I will use this to perform the mail-merge and send direct to printer), render a word doc as a bitmap (I could use this a a preview in an asp page). What I dont see is any example of how I might open the doc, edit it, and use the edited template as the document that I will execute the mail-merge on.
pseudo code something like this

dim doc as new Document (PathToTemplate)
doc.openforedit 'wait for doc to be closed

Hi there,
Thanks for your inquiry.
As Alexey stated Aspose.Words does not contain any user interface for viewing or editing documents. If you have MS Word installed on the machine you are using you can however open your document using this, For example you can work with your template, save it to disk. Open the document in MS Word from disk using Process.Start(fileName); then make your changes and then save it to be reloaded by Aspose.Words.
The link here may be useful. It shows how to get the call to Process.Start to wait until the called application has finished running before continuing with the other code.