Editing and Saving Online


Hi, I have a client who has requested me to find an Excel web based application so he can edit the application from anywhere with an internet connection and click save. When he clicks save he wants it to update the online data. Is this possible with this program? Thanks,



Hi Jonathan,
I would say that our Aspose.Excel.Web web control meets most of your client's requests.
This control support these features:
1. Display spread sheets on the web browser and look and feel just like a Excel window. And no any client side software installed.
2. Load directly from Excel files on the web server.
3. Edit cell data and display style from your browser.
4. Save data to Excel files on the web server.
5. Display style customizable.
6. Provide APIs to create contents and styles from scratch

Currently we are working to support formula in Aspose.Excel.Web.
We will soon release a new version that provide full support of formula. At that time you will be able to run most of the Excel functions within this web control.

You may download this control from our free download page. And you may run the demos to see what the control can do.
Thanks for concerning our products.