Editing html of Word document roundtripped via html


We have a problem with roundtripping a word document via html which has had its html adjusted.

We are using Aspose in the following manner:

  1. A word document (customer document) is loaded and filled with data using C# and Aspose. Tables receive data, strings are added, and bullet lists receive new entries.
  2. We save the resulting document as html and display it in a JavaScript client web editor
  3. A user might do minor adjustments to the documents, e.g. personalize the customer document or more crucially, the user might add additional items to the bullet lists.
  4. The user saves the “html document” and it is uploaded and imported to Aspose Word.

The problem is, that the exported bullet points contains round trip information using such as -aw- attributes. The Javascript editor we are using does not take this into consideration, and simply add <li> tags if the user adds bullet points.

We would assume there are many customers out there today using your product in a similar manner.

Are there any JavaScript WYSIWYG editors out there who support the roundtrip process and can add bullet points compatible to your export/import?

This question is using bullets as an example of primary concern, but really the more features supported the better.

I guess the workaround would be that we introduce a post processing step replacing ourselves the <li> tag with a copy of the span nodes etc generated by Aspose html export prior to importing html to Aspose.

If you are not aware of any specific javascript WYSIWYG editor supporting this scenario, you maybe have an example editor or online service that makes post processing easy in the WYSIWYG editor?

Kind regards

@gunnar You can try using the editor from our online demo, which source code can be found on our GitHub.
Also, our sister company GourpDocs also provides Editor product, which might better fit your requirements.
Regarding HTML roundtrip, unfortunately, the roundtrip attributes has been added for Aspose.Words only and I doubt some WYSIWYG editor can support them. In case of lists, you can configure Aspose.Words to output lists with HTML tags, so your editor can handle them. Also, you can disable roundtrip attributes to make HTML more understandable for WYSIWYG editor.