Editing master help

I want to modify programmatically master slide of a presentation:

I have trouble differentiating template shapes placeholder textFrame ('Level One Text....') with "real' textFrame (footer copyright notice for example) when working on the appropriate master slide. both of them are textFrame.

My application needs to modify the textFrame of the master slide. Setting text on textFrame works fine.Setting text on placeholders textFrame results in corrupted file ('part of the file is missing' error on PowerPoint) - I do not really need to setText on palceholders - I just want to avoid this error.

I am using Aspose.Slides for Java 1.8.8

Your help is appreciated



Dear Shay,

You should do this with an easier way; I mean; import a new master slide and change the master slide of existing slide with newer one using Slide.changeMaster() method.

Also to differentiate different placeholders on master slide; you should make use of Metacharacters. They provide a clue, whether the placeholder is for Title, Body, Footer, Date or Page Number.

For code example, see this post.

shape.isMasterTextHolder() was the method I was looking for.

Thank you for your help