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Editing Revision Number in Excel workbook properties causes Aspose.Excel to fail

We have been using Aspose.Excel 3.5 in a web application to download workbooks for several months now. We wanted to track the version of the workbook in the Revision Number of the Excel workbook's properties. However, after we edit this field Aspose.Excel will no longer open the workbook, even if we change the Revision Number field back to blank.

Attached is a screen shot of the Excel workbook properties.

As always, we will download the latest versions of the software.


Hi Theo,

Could you post your Excel file here? I will check it.

I have determined something about this. The problem only happens when the Revision Number is edited on a computer running Office 2000. Office XP seems to work fine.

Per your request, I have added the file that is failing. Note that I have changed the Revision Number to be blank.

Let me know if you have any further questions.