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We are considering to purchase Aspose.Word for use in generating Word documents based on some templates.

Now there’s only one Edition Type (Basic) released. I would like to know when the other Edition Types will be released and what are the differences between them?

If we purchase the Basic Edition Type now can we upgrade to the other one later when they are released?

I’m looking forwards for your answer soon.

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Dear Toan,

Roman shortly will reply the features available in the following weeks and months.

For upgrade, please check Upgrade Policy.


Hi Toan,

The features that will be available in the next 3-4 weeks are mostly related to Aspose.Word being able to support important Word document elements:

1. Tables
2. Bulleted and numbered lists
3. Headers and footers
4. Pictures and embedded objects
5. Office art drawings.

We will also try to fit in a feature related to repeatable sections in a document. This feature will be very useful if you want to create documents like invoices or catalogs that contain a list of items that needs to be populated from say a dataset.

We are still to finalize which features will go out into different edition types and which will simply be included as part of a new version in the Basic Edition type.

If the feature is included into same edition type, but newer version, I believe you get upgrade for free. If the feature is included into a different edition type, you can just pay the difference between edition prices.

Let us know what your needs are because at Aspose we rely on customers helping us to shape the products.


Thanks for your answers.
The feature that enables to insert repeatable sections in a document is what we need for our application. It generates documents that contain some information fields and a list of items populated from a dataset and the list count can vary depending on what the user has chosen in GUI.
Just a question: Can a merge field be populated with multiline contents? If the answer is yes then the current Basic Edition Type will do for our application in the beta release. This beta release must be ready for test in 4 weeks and it must be able to generate documents. We think that we can use the Basic Edition Type now for beta test and will change to the new Edition Type in the final release (some time in Spring 2004) to be able to include dynamical contents in the generated documents.


Hi Toan,

Yes, merge fields can be populated with multiline text. You can include either line break characters (char)11 or paragraph end marks (char)13 in your text values and it will render them okay.

We were thinking along the same lines what is most required and your input certainly helps to confirm that and make sure we get these features delivered asap.

In yet another future release we plan Aspose.Word to expose API so you can easily manipulate content of the Word document, not limited to just mail merge fields. This is also not so far away because at the moment Aspose.Word is like an iceberg - 7/8th is the engine and under water not visible to the customers. All we need to do is to listen to you, customers, and expose it in the way you want.


Tanks for quick answers.
My colleague, Mr. Niclas Pennskog will take contakt with you and order Apose.Word soon.


Hi Toan,

Aspose.Word 1.1 is out. Please check out http://www.aspose.com/forums/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=3710.