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Embed fonts in existing PDF file using Java with Aspose.PDF

Hi Nayyer,

I'm evaluating aspose-pdf (9.7.0 Java) and can't get this code to work: [Embedding fonts in an existing PDF file]( It runs successfully but the new PDF is still missing all of the fonts.

How exactly does Aspose get the missing font data on the system that it's running on? What if the missing font isn't available on the host system? Does it do substitutions like ghostscript?

Thanks for you help,

Bill McKinney

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Hi Bill,

Thanks for contacting support and sorry for the delayed response.

If the font used as subset inside PDF document is not present over system, its not replaced with any default font. However if the font used as subset inside PDF is installed over system, its included as embedded resource. If you are facing any issue, please share your source PDF file and custom fonts which you need to embed inside the resultant file.