Embed PPT in Excel gets converted as Image with latest version of aspose cells

I have Excel which contains Embed PPT.
I am just opening the workbook and saving it back having latest version of aspose cells (V21.5.0). When I check the saved Excel, the embed PPT is converted as an image and I cannot open PPT present in excel anymore However with older version of aspose cells(V18.7.0) it is retained correctly as PPT and I could open PPT as well.

Please do respond to my query as quickly as possible.
Thank you in advance.

using Aspose.Cells;
var workbook = new Workbook(@“C:\path\Template.xlsb”);


Could you please zip and attach your template file “Template.xlsb” here. We will check your issue soon.

I cannot share my template, However, I could share another template where I am facing a similar issue. Here the Embedded PPT gets converted to image in aspose cell version 18.5 and with new version 21.5 it retained it as PPT.

In the following attachment there are three excel files

  1. Template -> Original excel having embeded PPT
  2. Template21_5 -> Saved Excel with Aspose cell version 21.5 (retained as PDF)
  3. Template18_7 -> Saved Excel with Aspose cell version 18.5 (converted to Image)

Template.zip (148.4 KB)


Thanks for the template file.

I did test your scenario/case with latest version/fix: Aspose.Cells for .NET v21.5 and it works fine and as expected. In the output XLSB file, generated by Aspose.Cells for .NET, Powerpoint presentation is retained and I can double click on it and it will be opened fine into MS Powerpoint application. Here is my sample code:
Sample code:

var workbook = new Workbook("e:\\test2\\Template.xlsb");

Please find attached the output file for your reference.
files1.zip (49.2 KB)

You are telling (opposite) other way around. In fact, it works fine using newer versions of the APIs and it does not work (it converts the embedded PPT into static image) using your older version (v18.7.0). So, kindly try newer version and it works fine as we tested.

PS. it looks the issue is with older version which might have limitations or bug in it. Please not, we cannot evaluate issues or include fixes in older versions. The fixes are based on latest APIs set only. So, kindly upgrade to and try latest versions to figure out your issue.

Hello Team,
With the latest aspose library also with our use case, there is an issue. The excel is created using the aspose cells library.
When we try to generate ppt from the attached excel sheet, there seems to be some issue.
Can you please check and help us here.
image.jpg (169.4 KB)
image.png (232.4 KB)
image.jpg (205.3 KB)
Excel.zip (2.4 MB)


Thanks for the file and screenshots.

It seems you used Aspose.Cells library to generated the Excel file. I did open your provided Excel file into MS Excel manually and it opens fine into MS Excel. So, the file (saved/generated by Aspose.Cells) seems Ok.

How do you generate the PPT file from the Excel file? Do you use Aspose.Cells APIs? If so, kindly share your sample code and output PPT file here. If you are using other tool or library, then your question is out of context and this is not an issue with Aspose.Cells APIs.

I have shared screen shot for creating ppt.
When you open the excel -> home worksheet, there is a create powerpoint button. please try that to reproduce the issue.

Also I have shared a screenshot for the line of code that causes the issue while generating ppt.


Thanks for providing further details.

The Generate PowerPoint button has vba codes/macros behind. Aspose.Cells does not support to run or execute macros/vba codes. You can only add vba codes to the workbook via Aspose.Cells APIs. Also, if your template Excel file has existing VBA codes or macros and when opening and re-saving via Aspose.Cells APIs, it will retain/keep the vba codes or macros in tact in the output Excel file. I guess, the vba code/macros written to generate PPT might has some issue, so you should evaluate it and fix it by yourselves. By the way, did you use Aspose.Cells to add vba codes or macros to the workbook/file (you attached previously in the zipped archive) or you only used Aspose.Cells to re-save the XLSB file (open the template XLSB file (containing existing vba codes or macros) and save it via Aspose.Cells APIS)? If you re-save the file via Aspose.Cells APIs, kindly also provide the input XLSB file. We will check your issue soon.

We have a piece of code that generates the excel using aspose cells.
The excel generated in our older code - .net framework (older version of aspose cells), then it generates the ppt all fine.
But when the same piece of code is used with .net core (newer version of aspose cells) we face issues with ppt generation.


To evaluate your issue, we need your sample codes (complete) to test/check your issue on our end. Please create two (standalone) VS.NET solutions (one project with older version and other project using newer version(v22.6.1) - there should no compile time or other errors), zip the projects with resource files in the archive and share with us. We will check your issue soon.

Hi Team,

It is difficult for us to share the code base with you due to security and data sharing constraints.
Can you suggest some other solution ?

The Excel.zip in https://forum.aspose.com/t/embed-ppt-in-excel-gets-converted-as-image-with-latest-version-of-aspose-cells/246565/4 is generated by old version, and the shape “PPT Template” in the worksheet “Report Config” is a picture . It should be the copying issue in the old version.
Could you try the latest version 23.1 and share your template file?