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Embedded chart not retaining Chart Properties

Received : 2007/10/24 14:41:11
Message : Hello,

I am trying to embed an excel chart/worksheet into the Slides product. I am able to successfully get the chart to show up but some of the properties I am setting in through the cells product are not "sticking" when the chart is embedded.

I created a basic chart in the ASpose.Cells product and set the AutoScale for the DisplayUnitLabels to false.

chart.CategoryAxis.DisplayUnitLabel.AutoScaleFont = false;

I then stream the workbook to a byte array and embed it in the slides as an oleObject. When I update the object from powerpoint the AutoScale is set to true. When I save the workbook I never actually save it to a file on the hard drive I use the SaveToStream method.



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Dear Justin,

Please provide me your generated presentation to further look into this issue. I need some visual example of final output you are expecting and the problem you are facing. Relevant part of source code would also be helpful.

How do you update the object in PowerPoint and check AutoScale is set to true?

You should save your workbook/chart into the stream either file or memory, then create a new workbook/chart from this stream and check if it changes the properties set by you, if this is the case then it is possible bug of Aspose.Cells and you should report it on the Aspose.Cells forum.