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Embedded flash in powerpoint


Is it posible to embed flash in powerpoint?

1. I want to save the powerpoint in a database with the embedded flash.
2. download the powerpoint from database

How can i manage that?

Kind regards

Dear Tajamal,

We are sorry for the delayed response.

Aspose.Slides for .NET allows you to load the presentation from stream and save presentation to streams. Please follow the code snippet below, that will give you an idea of how to load presentation from stream and saving presentation to stream. I have not mentioned back end database but you can please insert byte array to database using simple insert commands.

MemoryStream msPPTFile = new MemoryStream(Byte );

SqlDataReader sr = comd.ExecuteReader();

while (sr.Read())


byte[] bPPTFile = new byte[(int)sr["len"]];

sr.GetBytes(1, 0, cc, 0, (int)sr["len"]);

MemoryStream mPPT = new MemoryStream(bPPTFile);

mPPT.Position = 0;

Presentation pPres = new Presentation(mPPT);


MemoryStream mOutput=new MemoryStream();



// You Can add this Byte array in database

Byte bSavePres=new byte[mOutput.Length];

mOutput.Read(bSavePres, 0, mOutput.Length);

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Mudassir,
“Shukria” :slight_smile:
Thanks for your answer. I found out that you can’t insert a flash object into a powerpoint presentation, it’s only linked via a path or a url.