Embedding a PDF into another PDF?

I hope someone has an answer. Here is an overview of what is happening and what I want to do.

A user uploads a PDF which is converted to a JPEG proxy. They can use that proxy to position it, add text, modify it, and so on. The user then says "Proof" which then runs code using aspose.pdf to generate the PDF.

Rather than use the JPEG proxy for the new PDF, I would rather use add the original PDF to the new PDF.

Is this possible?


Thank you for considering Aspose.

Concatenating pdf documents is supported by another Aspose product Aspose.Pdf.Kit. Please check :



I'm not sure if that is quite what I want. Currently we create a PDF using various layers(images, text, etc). We want to make it so a PDF can be another one of those layers. Using concatenation would only allow me to stick it at the bottom or the top.


I am still confused. You mean to say that user will upload a PDF document, and then user wants to add text, Images in it(Pdf file supplied by User) and when it resaves it then the new changes are also reflected in the Original Pdf or a New copy of Pdf is generated?

Please elaborate more.


The ultimate goal will be a user can upload a presdesigned PDF. The user then will be to use a web-designer to add more layers(ie text and images). When complete, it will put together a NEW pdf using the various image and text objects and embed the PDF(at the approriate layer)

Currently - we have a PDF of a given size/height with one section. In that section we add the various layers as PageRelative paragraphs. So a typical flow might add a handlful of images, on top of each other, and some text. My goal would be to use a PDF as one of those paragraphs(without needing to first convert it to a JPEG).


I am not sure how do you use “web-designer”. Now,

there are two solutions:

a) User will upload Pdf
b) use Aspose.Pdf to create NEW pDF in which you add Images, Text etc.
c) Now you need to Embed concat PDF of Step a and b.
c.1) Direct concatenation using Aspose.Pdf.Kit OR
c.2) First Split the Pages of 1.a and 1.B PDF and then assemble/merge them using Aspose.Pdf.KIt according to your requirements.

For more Information,please refer to Aspose.Pdf.Kit under heading “Working with PDF Documents and Pages”

a)User will Upload Pdf.Use the same Pdf uploaded by User And using Aspose.Pdf.Kit to add Image, Text .You can add new thing but can’t modify the existing ones.
Please refer to :
To Add Text in existing PDF

Add Image

For more information, please check under heading “Data Extraction and other Utilities”

Please correct, if I misunderstood.


I don’t think we can support using a pdf as one of the layer (paragraph) of another PDF.