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Embedding custom fonts on existing PDF in azure function app


We convert html to PDF and would like to use custom fonts in an azure function app. Keeping in mind that the fonts can’t be installed on host machine in cloud, how can we embed custom fonts in this case to generated PDF?

Do we need to go through all text and apply the fonts manually?

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Thanks for contacting support.

Can you please share source files along with sample project to reproduce the issue so that we may help you out.

Hi Adnan!

Thanks for your reply.

I’ll see if a sample project could be produced but what’s your opinion on such a scenario where information regarding custom fonts is included in the styles (CSS) of HTML document which then is converted to PDF using Aspose.PDF.

I thought we just need to add path to the custom fonts in the FontsRepository.Sources and rest of the job which is to apply fonts to different text segments by reading the corresponding styling information from CSS would be taken care of by Aspose during the PDF generation process?

Please suggest what’s the way forward in achieving above mentioned scenario?


I like to inform that we need to look into issue in details. So we need sample code and source file to check where you are facing issue. I also like to inform that some issues are environment specific and document specific. So first we will investigate your sample project than will guide you further.

I haven’t had the time to produce a sample project.
Would you like to inform what’s not clear in the mentioned scenario?


I have shared earlier with you that some issues are document specific so please share file so that we may help you out.